ARTICLE The Top 5 Places to Travel Solo


The Top 5 Places to Travel Solo -


1. Croatia

The Top 5 Places to Travel Solo

If you’re in the market for a European break you can’t go wrong with Croatia. Beware of Dubrovnik in peak season as the crowds can become overwhelming. Split is a great place for beginning your holiday, it’s packed with beaches, boat trips and fellow travelers. There’s something for everyone in Croatia.


2. Peru

The Top 5 Places to Travel Solo

Peru is a ideal place for solo travelers in South America. It has great tourist infrastructure to keep your holiday mostly headache free.  There is a vast amount of activities that can be done in Peru such as hiking up the famous Machu Picchu. Partaking in these activities is a perfect way to see Peru while making friends with fellow travelers.


3. Japan

The Top 5 Places to Travel Solo

Japan is a country you can easily get immersed in. The cultural and language barriers mean you get thrown straight into the deep end, which is the best way to explore the city. Japan is also one of the safest countries in the world which is fantastic for solo travelers. It may not be very budget friendly but it’s somewhere you have to see.


4. Thailand

The Top 5 Places to Travel Solo

Thailand is the home of traveling solo. If it’s your first time traveling solo, Thailand is the ideal place. It’s a very exotic and beautiful destination. You’ll be part of a community of thousands of independent travelers in Thailand. Low travel and accommodation costs attract all kinds of budget holidayers to Thailand.


5. Southeast Mexico

The Top 5 Places to Travel Solo

Southeast Mexico has great travel trails running from Mexico City down to Oaxaca state. It’s a great place for solo travel with hundreds of amazing things to see. One thing you must see is the Mayan architecture.