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Is dietary fat your BFF? Do you dream about grass-fed butter? Are vegetables the currency by which you wish everything could be purchased? Then holla at yer Paleo gal pal in Chicago! Let me put together restaurant recommendations perfect for Paleo/Primal lifestyle, point out all the Bulletproof coffee shops, and guide you to the best farmers markets, food halls, and garden stands full of high fat/low carb awesomeness. I have been strictly gluten-free/Paleo/Primal for two years and have the hard-earned insight and expertise how to happily dine in Chicago without getting stuck eating carbage. Paleo-friendly community events, culinary classes, and introductions to local low-carb leaders are a piece of coconut-flour cake.

The Chicago Chaperone uniquely offers both visitors and residents personalized itineraries and customized sightseeing as created by Stephanie Sack, a lifelong explorer of the city's overlooked experiences, singular events, and delightful secrets. Born, raised, educated, and settled in Chicago, Stephanie boasts decades of dynamic local connections, ensuring her clients are perfectly introduced to the city's offbeat activities, hidden treasures, and neighborhood gems. Created to maximize your leisure time in Chicago, the Chicago Chaperone's handcrafted itineraries combine Stephanie's background in event production with the attention of a boutique travel service. Whether you are visiting Chicago for 24 hours or have lived in the city for 24 months, every unique Chicago Chaperone itinerary provides curated suggestions and a suggested timeline, specifically scheduled for your group's whereabouts, preferences, and interests. With expertise and insight into over ten popular Chicago neighborhoods, and an extensive portfolio of offbeat experiences from which to choose, the Chicago Chaperone extends to her lucky clients an authentically wacky welcome to the Windy City!

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